FAQ: Who Is The Head Of The Humanities Department?

Who is the dean of Wake Tech?

RALEIGH, N.C. (May 6, 2020) – Wake Tech is pleased to announce that Cindy Ellison will become the new Dean of Information Technology on June 15. She will provide direction, leadership, and oversight of the college’s associate degree, certificate, and diploma IT programs.

What are the core values of Wake Tech?

Wake Technical Community College will structure its operations, training and educational programs around the Core Values of accountability, respect, responsibility, critical thinking, communication, and collaboration. Accountability is essential for an environment of learning.

Does Wake Tech have a dress code?

Students are not allowed in any campus facility without shoes and shirts. Students are expected to dress and groom themselves in an appropriate manner while on campus or participating in classes/activities sponsored by the college.

What is Wake Tech’s definition of discrimination?

Any member of the campus community, guest, or visitor who acts to deny, deprive, or limit the educational, employment, residential, or social access, opportunities and/or benefits of any member of the College community on the basis of sex is in violation of the Title IX Policy.

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Does Blackboard have after hours support?

For Blackboard after hours support between 5 p.m. and 9 a.m., Monday-Friday, all day weekends and holidays, call the Help Desk at 312-341-HELP – 312-341-4357, or access the online chat by clicking on this link to the Blackboard Home Page.

Does Wake Tech drug test employees?

Clinical sites, both on-campus and off-campus, require documentation of criminal background checks, drug testing, and health and immunization information.

What is considered a full time student at Wake Tech?

A full-time student is a person enrolled for twelve or more semester hours of credit in the fall or spring semesters and nine or more semester hours of credit in the summer term.

How can I find out if the web browser that I currently use is compatible with Blackboard quizlet?

On Wake Tech’s Blackboard login page, you will find a link to Blackboard’s Browser Compatibility Chart, which can be used to determine which Web browser will work best with your computer for Wake Tech’s online courses.

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