Often asked: What Courses Are Humanities Smc?

What courses does SMC offer?

Degrees & Certificates

  • Administration of Justice.
  • Anthropology.
  • Art History.
  • Business Administration*
  • Child and Adolescent Development*
  • Communication Studies*
  • Early Childhood Education.
  • Economics.

What is a humanities course?

Humanities studies the history and development of human thought and culture. By focusing on literature, history, philosophy, art and film, humanities courses seek a broad and interconnected understanding of the human experience.

How do I graduate from SMC?

Graduation from Santa Monica College with an Associate degree is granted upon successful completion of a program of study of a minimum of 60 degree applicable semester units with an overall average grade of C (2.0) or higher.

How many units do you need to graduate SMC?

All Associate degrees require a minimum of 60 degree-applicable units, including General Education, major requirements, and electives. Associate Degrees for Transfer also require 60 CSU-applicable units in addition to the General Education, major requirements, and electives.

What is SMC known for?

From liberal arts to sciences, accounting to film production, SMC’s career- and transfer-oriented programs rival the nation’s best universities. Just in the past 10 years, SMC faculty crafted over 300 new courses in 58 subject areas—and the list keeps growing!

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How much is tuition at SMC?

In-state tuition 1,144 USD, Out-of-state tuition 8,840 USD (2019 – 20)

What job can I get if I study humanities?

Out of many versatile career options after 12th Humanities, some of the best career options are:

  • Mass Communication.
  • Hospitality Professional.
  • Social Worker.
  • Lawyer.
  • Psychologist.
  • International Relations Specialist.
  • Editor or Content Writer.
  • Teacher.

What are the 5 areas of humanities?

Branches of the humanities include law, languages, philosophy, religion and mythology, international relations, gender and women’s studies, multicultural and regional studies, popular culture, and art and music, while branches of the social sciences include sociology, anthropology, archeology, geography, political

How do I get SMC Igetc certification?

It is the student’s responsibility to request IGETC certification from SMC to the university that the student will be attending. Certification petitions are available on those dates in the Admissions Office and online (go to https://www.smc.edu/admission-aid /how-to- apply-enroll/IGETC_GE_CA_Petition.

Is SMC campus open?

Status: Fall Semester Partially On-Ground Limited campus services available on-ground. Submit proof of vaccination if you are attending classes or accessing services in-person. SMC continues to monitor the spread of COVID-19. Your wellbeing is Santa Monica College’s highest priority.

How many units can I take in summer SMC?

What is the maximum number of units I can take in a semester or winter/summer session? The maximum number of units you may take in a semester is 16. The maximum is 8 for the winter and summer sessions.

Is SMC a good school?

It’s a good community college with a wide range of academic majors, degrees, certificates and programs. Professors and counselors are very helpful and give great advice. Courses are not to hard and not to easy.

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How many times can you retake a class SMC?

Students who wish or need to repeat a course in which they have previously earned an unsatisfactory grade or a W may re-enroll ONE TIME without the need to request prior permission from a counselor. Any subsequent attempts to re-enroll require authorization from a counselor BEFORE ENROLLING.

What GPA do I need to get into SMC?

You must also have at least a 3.0 (high school) GPA. If you are a continuing college student, you must have completed at least 12 college units with a 3.0 (college).

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